Legacy Studios is pleased to be Innovation Academy’s official Senior portrait photographer!

Schedule Your Sitting

Use the calendar below to book your traditional sitting appointment. Please Note: If an appointment is missed, canceled, or changed with less than 12 hours’ notice; the client will be charged a cancellation fee of 100% of the sitting fee.

Select Your Outfit

Your senior portraits will be photographed by our professional photographers using our state-of-the-art technology allowing you to customize your portraits with the background(s) of your choice.

Your yearbook portrait selection can be any vertical, head and shoulders pose in the required yearbook attire.

The required yearbook attire is as follows…
Option 1: formal attire – tuxedo or drape
Option 2: graduation cap & gown

Caps and gowns, as well as tuxedos and drapes, will be provided for your use. Due to the v-neck shape of the gown, we suggest wearing a color-coordinated shirt with a collared or simple neckline.

Please note the following clothing suggestions:

TUXEDO – please wear a plain white t-shirt.  Tuxedo jackets size 38 through 56 will be provided for your use. Please make alternative arrangements if another size is required.

DRAPE –  please arrive wear a thin-strapped tank top.


After your photoshoot, you will be given a password-protected personal online gallery to view and purchase your images! Check out our FAQ section for any questions you have.

Senior Sittings

(No printed photos are included)



Graduation Cap & Gown (Provided)
Formal Portrait Attire (Provided)
Bring 1 Outfit of Your Choice
Up to 25 Poses



Graduation Cap & Gown (Provided)
Formal Portrait Attire (Provided)
Up to 15 Poses



Your choice of either
Graduation Cap & Gown (Provided)
OR Formal Portrait Attire (Provided)
Up to 8 Poses

*The sitting fee refund is only eligible on the Yearbook Sitting.  Proof cards will be mailed to your home with program instructions.

Sittings at Your School

Location: Auditorium

Innovation Academy
125 Milton Avenue
Alpharetta, GA 30009