Legacy Studios is pleased to be East Providence High School’s official senior portrait photographer!

Schedule Your Appointment Today!

Senior appointment availability is opened one set of dates at a time, so please check the website periodically for updated information. Your school has specific yearbook deadlines for senior portrait submission and your senior portrait schedule is based on those deadlines.

Scheduling your session as soon as possible will ensure that you secure a spot in the yearbook and allows ample time for retakes (if desired). By signing up early, you’ll have the advantage of more options and flexibility in choosing the image that best represents you.

Your Senior Yearbook Portrait

For your yearbook submission, your school has requested a vertical, head-and-shoulder portrait in yearbook attire.

Yearbook Attire: School-Appropriate Outfit of Your Choice
Please note that cap and gown poses are not permitted in the senior section of the yearbook.

What to Bring

Please arrive wearing your yearbook portrait attire with time to touch up your look before your session begins. If you are signing up for an extended sitting with additional outfits, please bring them wrinkle-free and ready to wear. Cap and gown will be provided for your use (if applicable).

Optional tuxedos and drapes, as well as caps and gowns, will be provided for your use.  If you would like to be photographed in the tux, please arrive wearing a plain white T-shirt.   Please note – tuxedo jackets size 38 through 56 will be provided for your use. Please make alternative arrangements if another size is required. To be photographed in the drape, please arrive wearing a thin-strapped tank top.

Props (jackets, sports and hobby equipment) may be brought to personalize your extended sittings.

To ensure you look your best, feel free to bring a brush, comb, facial powder, and touch up makeup.

Students may be accompanied by one adult during the session. Cell phone use will not be allowed within the photography session by any student or guest for any reason.

Additional Information

After your photoshoot (approximately 2 weeks), you will be emailed a link to a secure online gallery to view and purchase your images!

Check out our FAQ section for additional information!

Choose Your Photography Sitting


$70 Sitting Fee

Yearbook Attire (Tux & Drape Available)
Graduation Cap & Gown (Provided)
Bring 3 Casual Outfits
Up to 45 Photos Taken


$60 Sitting Fee

Yearbook Attire (Tux & Drape Available)
Graduation Cap & Gown (Provided)
Bring 2 Casual Outfits
Up to 35 Photos Taken


$50 Sitting Fee

Yearbook Attire (Tux & Drape Available)
Graduation Cap & Gown (Provided)
Bring 1 Casual Outfit
Up to 25 Photos Taken


$40 Sitting Fee

Yearbook Attire (Tux & Drape Available)
Graduation Cap & Gown (Provided)
Up to 15 Photos Taken


$25 Sitting Fee

Yearbook Attire (Tux & Drape Available)
Graduation Cap & Gown (Provided)
Up to 8 Photos Taken


Sitting fees can be paid online with Paypal or a credit card.

* The sitting fee refund is only eligible on the Yearbook Sitting. Proofs will be mailed to your home with program instructions.
* If an appointment is missed, canceled, or changed with less than 12 hours notice; the client will be charged a cancellation fee of 100% of the sitting fee.
* Sitting Fees do not include Prints or Digital Images of your session.

Sittings at Your School

Location:  Green Room, enter using door #25

East Providence High School
2000 Pawtucket Ave
East Providence, RI 02914

Students must use door #25 behind the building on the football field side. The auditorium doors and front doors will not be accessible so please drive around the building from the student parking lot where door 25 is labeled. Knock on the door and a photographer will let you in. You may need to wait a couple of minutes for the photographer to finish a session and answer the door. This is for safety purposes.